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  • What do I need to bring?
  • Arrival and transport
    Closest Airport: Grande Prairie, Alberta CYQU you will clear Canada customs in likely Calgary or Vancouver and have a connecting flight to Grande Prairie. Depending on arrival time and your hunt start date we will either pick you up at the airport or your hotel the following day and take you to base camp. Driving: Our base camp is accessible by main road and a secure place to leave your personal vehicle. If you are driving up for a moose hunt and wish to take your meat home, we highly recommend bringing a freezer along to keep it cool for the trip home. It’s a 2.5 hour drive from Grande Prairie to our base camp where you can organize your gear, check your gun and either get comfy at base or head out to one of our spike camps to start your adventure.
  • How much should I tip?
    Tipping is not mandatory and we don't want to pressure our clients so the following should be regarded as a guideline as we do get asked about this frequently. GUIDES Our guides and camp staff do accept tips, and we can say that they are greatly appreciated and go a long way towards making guiding a feasible career choice. Ultimately, as in many service industries, tipping is left up to the individual but, as a general practice, 8-15% of the trip cost is a common gratuity. This is not an expectation, simply a ball- park figure.   Guides work incredibly long, hard hours for their hunter, often spending days before your arrival preparing for your trip. They are using their own ATVS, pickups and gear, not to mention juggling their entire year around being available for the hunting season. We hope that all of our staff goes above and beyond to make your trip fun and successful. If a guide does an exceptional job for you, puts you on an extraordinary animal, works unusually hard for you, and/or shows you the adventure of your lifetime, they deserve be treated well. COOK Again, this entirely at your discretion and dependent on how many days you spent in a camp where there was a cook who was not also your guide and if you enjoyed the food. $100-$300 is a basic number if you spent multiple days at base camp.
  • Trophy Care and Transport
    Trophies left in our care will be handled and expedited by Inuksuk Wildlife Studio in Fort Saint John, BC, unless otherwise specified by the client. Inuksuk offers many taxidermy options as well as expediting. All handling, shipping and processing charges are to be between Inuksuk and the client and no longer Compass Mountain’s responsibility. Trophies will be prepared in camp by Compass Mountain as reasonably as time permits. Our US clients can take their salted and boiled bears home with them. We do charge a salting and head boiling fee but highly recommend this option as your trophy will fly home with you. For Europe, several countries require that the hide be tanned prior to import. BC tanneries have been extremely slow and this is out of our hands if the tanning process delays your trophy import. For Scandinavia and much of Mainland Europe we recommend Labrador Cargo based in Denmark for trophy imports. Meat can be taken home with you or signed over to your guide or outfitter. (Please check with your airline if you are flying) We recommend bringing a freezer to get it home in good shape. If you are driving, we will do our very best to make sure you have the permits necessary to take your trophy home with you.
  • Guns and Ammunition
    You can print this form below and have it filled out when you reach the Canadian border. It will help travelling into the country with your rifle be easier and faster: The destination address for the form above will be provided to you upon booking. You will need a good rifle that you are comfortable shooting, if you’re trying to decide on a caliber feel free to consult with us at anytime if uncertain. Whichever firearm you decide to bring please ensure you know how it works and you are very confident shooting it, we can not stress this enough. Handguns are not permitted to be used or carried when hunting in Canada. Please ensure you bring 30-40 Rounds Ammo. Check with ALL the airlines you intend on flying with, some require Ammo be in original boxing. For any further questions please contact us.
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