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"What an experience. Memories for a lifetime. From meeting up with our guide, Brett, at Compass Mountain Outfitters, settling in at camp, sharing laughs and great stories, to finally focusing in on locating an incredible bull elk we felt we were in competent, knowledgeable and supportive company. I’ve decided there was “Camp Brett”, easy going, funny, relaxed and then there was “Hunter Brett”, incredibly focused, determined and committed to the hunt. His tenacity and thoughtful approach through an incredibly long and challenging hike made it possible for me to get within 200 yds of an exceptional elk. Our hunt was successful because of Brett. All the outfitters at Compass Mountain never stop working, never stop planning and collaborating to ensure their clients have the best experience possible. We look forward to another hunt with CMO soon."

Mary Purkis, 2021

Two Monsters: Bruce Young’s Trophy Moose Hunt.

During the latter part of September 2010, my friend, Luis, and I hunted for a week with Tom Sallows in Alberta, Canada. We traveled away from the main camp each day to access a remote area that Tom was most familiar with, which he told us held the largest Canadian moose in the province.

Little did we realize that Tom was to be proven correct – by both of us – only a couple days apart in our hunt.

On the third day of the hunt, Luis shot a B&C (final score) 200 inch gross, 189 7/8 net bull moose with an off hand shot at 180 yards. It was a remote kill and it took us until 10pm to haul the quarters and the rack/cape back to the truck.

This was to be the largest moose taken in Alberta in 2010 with an outfitter.

A couple days later, we came upon another large bull moose that was preoccupied servicing two cows. It was my turn to take a trophy bull. I also succeeded killing the moose with an off hand shot at 100 yards. Fortunately it took one shot and he dropped.

This bull moose had a final score of 189 gross and 187 6/8 net – also making the cut for Boone and Crockett for a trophy Canadian Moose. This bull moose was the second largest taken in 2010 with an outfitter.

Needless to say, Luis and I are both thrilled with the results of our moose hunt with Tom. It is just incredible that one guide could take two hunters out and that both hunters would take B&C trophy bulls – only two days apart. It is a true testament to Tom’s intimate knowledge of the region he hunts, his skills as a guide/hunter, and his persistence in helping his hunters get the best possible trophies available.

Tom works hard to help his hunters succeed, to the limits of their capacity to cover ground, and will pace the hunt to meet their needs. He is also a nice person to spend time with and can be relied upon while hunting off the beaten path in remote, rugged country.

I strongly recommend Tom to any hunter interested in taking a trophy bull Canadian Moose in Alberta! You won’t be disappointed.


Bruce Young
Marietta, GA

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